Advance praise for “Lead Yourself Now”

The Dallas Weekly praises Lead Yourself Now

Leading By Example: Author And Pastor, Dr. Sheron Patterson Encourages Others To Self-Lead
The intent of Lead Yourself Now is to both inspire and to empower readers. Some of the most notable chapters discuss generosity, perseverance, the ability to listen and networking.
Ari Talton
, The Dallas Weekly
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“I’ve always believed that effective leadership stems from the leader’s heart; not their head. A heart that is inclined to God forms the basis for how we relate to others and how we maintain an appropriate view of our role as leaders. Dr. Patterson does a wonderful job of concisely guiding us through a tutorial that focuses on matters of the heart that, once aligned with God’s will, allows leaders to apply knowledge and wisdom that optimizes their benefit to their organizations, to the growth of their followers, and to their composite value to community.”
Stephen L. Mansfield, Ph.D., FACHE, President and CEO
Methodist Health System – Dallas, TX

“More than just a one-time read, Lead Yourself Now is a daily vitamin creating healthy/successful leaders from the inside out. Lead Yourself Now is not just a sermon on becoming a leader, but a bedside table handbook that shows you HOW! The author reveals a path to leadership retention which is often more difficult than the path to leadership itself. Lead Yourself Now is a must read of self-examination, self-awareness and self-improvement.”
Jan Langbein, CEO
Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support – Dallas, TX


“I identified with every chapter of this book. I found it to demand that the reader be honest in their thoughts and impulses, and be open to soul searching in an effort to achieve personal growth. As the old adage says, ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’ and ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ While each of these sayings holds true for all of us, it is particularly important that those who reside in positions of leadership to follow these and remain accountable in their own personal lives. The book’s message stresses that no matter how great one’s public success is, it can only be sustained by their own personal accountability. I highly recommend this to anyone open to a message of self-honesty, integrity, and self-enlightenment. Those who will allow these to prevail will have a difficult time putting it down.”
Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson
U.S. House of Representatives – TX 30

“Dr. Sheron Patterson is a leader. She has given us so much information with a daily structure so that we are not overwhelmed. Leading is a lifelong journey of learning and exploring. This book is a great map and compass – handy tools for any journey.”
Marsha Clark
International Women’s Empowerment Coach and CEO of Marsha Clark Associates – Plano, TX


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