Dr. Steve Mansfield, CEO Methodist Health System and John Collins, Board chair; congratulate Dr. Sheron Patterson on 15 years of service on the Methodist Health System Board of Directors.

I have a passion to help people live their lives as leaders in non-destructive ways. Guiding others in the 21st century has become increasingly challenging due to the multitude of distractions, the rise of a lawless attitude and the influx of mobile devices that record the infractions for the world to see. Somebody had to shine a light on the path that leaders could take that did not involve doing dumb stuff that derails careers. That’s how I became a best-selling relationship author of eight books that teach people how to love themselves and others; this becomes increasingly hard in our world. I have been featured in national magazines and on CNN and BET.

People still need advice on being the best they can. I am here to help.