Dr. Sheron Patterson warms up at the Turkey Trot 5K in downtown Dallas

Winston S. Churchill once said: “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”

Will you put away the French fries and soft drink and run around the block with me? Just taking those steps can make the difference between living a vibrant life or one plagued by diabetes and heart disease.

It is regrettable that so many take their health for granted, but the truth is, we are what we eat. We are also what we do with our bodies. How you treat your body tells the world how you feel about yourself.

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your day, plus lots of water, will be a neon light over your head shouting “this person cares about their body.”

Over eight years ago, I stared down the barrel of breast cancer and survived. Now, healthy eating is essential.

I am unashamedly a healthy eater and exerciser. I want to look good from the inside out. I want the same for you. You can do it.