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The Dallas Weekly praises Lead Yourself Now

Leading By Example: Author And Pastor, Dr. Sheron Patterson Encourages Others To Self-Lead
The intent of Lead Yourself Now is to both inspire and to empower readers. Some of the most notable chapters discuss generosity, perseverance, the ability to listen and networking.
— Ari Talton
, The Dallas Weekly

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Are you ready to lead a business, team, or community?

Or are you already in the spotlight as a leader?
Whether you are considering stepping into a leadership role, or you're already there, you've got to first lead yourself, before you can successfully lead others for the long-term. In Lead Yourself Now, Dr. Sheron C. Patterson provides the practical ideas and proven strategies to help you carry yourself in an admirable way befitting your role.

In this book, you will discover:

  • How technology makes it easier for leaders to be caught in embarrassing situations
  • The challenges of leading in the 21st Century
  • The place of core values in the life of a leader
  • What you can learn from the disgraceful falls from grace of some of today's biggest pop culture figures
  • How to become a better leader, no matter what mistakes you've made

All of this will be wrapped in 30 days of lessons, to help you easily implement change over the course of a month. You can finally become the leader you desire to be – from the inside out!

It's time to Lead Yourself Now.
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