“If you don’t love yourself, then you should be by yourself.”

The above is one of my most commonly used phrases. Some people are offended by it, but it is the truth. Many of us strive for relationships with others, yet we have not mastered a relationship with ourselves. A lack of self-love will destroy and detour the possibility of any other healthy relationships with others. Offices and entire businesses can be wiped out by a handful of people who do not love themselves. Families splinter when there is no self-love. Anyone who aspires to successfully date and marry must invest time and energy in a relationship with themselves. Those who are already married are required to put in the work on the marriage and themselves. There is no other way. Once you love yourself, the sky is the limit.

I put in the work on a daily basis, as a wife and mother of two sons. Relationships survive on intentionality. I am also blessed to guide thousands of others via television, print and social media.